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Welcome to the official site of the National Lionhead Rabbit Club (NLRC), which is the organisation for all the Lionhead rabbits enthisiasts. Its prime objective is to encourage the keeping, breeding, exhibiting and development of the Lionhead Rabbit through out the United Kingdom.




*      24th November 2012, The Northern Stock Show (Newark)


An extraordinary NLRC’s stock show at The Lincolnshire Champs 2012 (Newark) and a very good entry of 36 lionheads (25 adult and 11 under 5s). A big thanks goes to the Grantham Rabbit Club to allow us to host our stock show and Steve Germany for judging our superb lionhead rabbits.


The Best in Show went to a young u/5 REW lionhead rabbit doe belonging to Marbledale Stud, well done Sue that was a superb rabbit and I look forward to see her on the big show tables.


And the results for each class were:


  • Best Orange/Fawn;                               Y Goldsworthy (Orange Doe)
  • Best Sooty Fawn/Seal Point;                 Ottavius Stud (Sooty Fawn Doe)
  • Best Sable/Smoke;                               N/E
  • Best Agouti;                                         Y. Goldsworthy
  • Best AOC Agouti Patt;                         Y Goldsworthy (Opal Doe)
  • Best AOC NON Self;                          N/E
  • Best Black/Blue;                                   Y Goldsworthy (Black Doe)
  • Best REW;                                           Marbledale Stud (u/5 REW Doe)
  • Best BEW;                                           Ottavius Stud
  • Best AOC Self;                                    N/E


The Challenges were:


  • Best AC AA Buck;                              Marbledale Stud, with an Ad Cinnamon
  • Best AC AA Doe;                                Marbledale Stud, with an U/5 REW
  • Challenge Adult;                                   Dee Millen, with an Adult REW Doe
  • Challenge U/5;                                     Marbledale Stud, with a REW Doe
  • Challenge U/14;                                    N/E
  • Best Junior AC AA;                             N/E


Any Age Challenge

    1. REW U/5 doe,                         Marbledale Stud
    2. REW Adult Doe                       Dee Millen
    3. Opal Adult Doe                        Y Goldsworthy
    4. Agouti Adult Doe                     Y Goldsworthy
    5. BEW Adult Doe                       Ottavius Stud
    6. REW Adult Doe                       B Hughes
    7. Black Adult Doe                       Y Goldsworthy


Members Points


  • Marbledale Stud           7
  • Dee Millen                    6
  • Y Goldsworthy             5
  • Ottavius Stud                4
  • Becky Hughes              3



Thanks once again for all the support to the club and we look forward to see you at Harrogate on the 26th and 27th January 2013.


Remember if you have done well with one of your Lionheads at a local show, please let us know, and we will add it to the show winners section.

Best lionhead rabbit wishes

0ctavio Rodriguez-Perez

NRLC- Secretary



(Memberships are due, each year,  from the 1st of January)

Adult £4.00

Senior Citizen £2.00

Juniors £2.00

Partnership / Family £5.00

 To find out more about the NLRC contact the Secretary;

Octavio at:

0 79 77 23 89 52




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